What Is Yandex Ads?

Yandex Ads • Yandex is one of the most used search engines by Russians and reaches 60% of users. As it is believed, it is not only used in Russia, but also very popular in other countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus or Ukraine. Yandex Direct is a platform designed for sponsored advertisement management. The system accepts both text and display (banner) ads, so advertisers can choose the best way to advertise their products and services. The management of ads, of course, is similar to Google AdWords, although it has its own characteristics, like premium domains in search results that correspond to the most visible locations in SERP. Yandex campaigns are great for promoting products and services in Eastern European countries. Some of the most demanded areas are relatively close to real estate, health or tourism, and also cosmetic surgery services.

Yandex Reklamları

Yandex Advertising Models

Yandex Search and Display Ads

If you want your ads to run in Yandex, we recommend you to review the ad models first. Yandex ads are divided into Direct ads (search) and Display ads. The advertising models provided for Turkey divided on these two topics.

Since its introduction to the Internet, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have been used in our country in 2010, and another search engine started to operate. The center of this search engine named Yandex is Russia and until that time it was working with a different system than the search engines we used. as well as the search results to user suggestions, maps and ads that many services such as Yandex, as soon as Turkey enters the market Yandex has launched the advertising services.

Acting on similar principles with Google advertising services, Yandex advertisement services keep the Yandex advertisement prices more reasonable due to its new entry into the country market and not wanting to say goodbye to the competitive market. Yandex advertising services that charge pricing on ads clicked by users can be used for both advertising and advertising.

It offers many advertising options and advantages to Yandex users. With different Yandex advertisement models, users choose the most suitable advertisement model for their products and services. If you want to include Yandex ads on your website and earn income through clicks on these ads, you can agree with Yandex ads or if you want your own ad to appear on websites that open space for Yandex ads.

Apart from website ads, one of the other Yandex ads you can get is Yandex Direct and Video Call ads. Ads that appear in video calls on phones appear as one of the types of ads that users have recently preferred. Yandex Direct, which shows your ad above the search results in searches on the keywords you choose, is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to reach your target audience. On the other hand, these ads also appear as desktop ads on computers and mobile phones using the Yandex search engine. Yandex advertisement prices are always at the size you can determine. The size of your Yandex advertisement campaign will be directly proportional to the maximum budget amount you put in the campaign.

One of the advertising opportunities that the Yandex search engine offers to its users is the Yandex display network. Thanks to these advertisements, which are known on the Yandex search pages, which are applied on predetermined target audiences, it will be easier to reach your target audience. This ad formula allows you to advertise as video or image, as well as ads you can serve as text. This feature, which is offered differently from Google, is also an indication that Yandex advertisement advantages offer more options to users. In this context, Yandex has gained the trust of many businesses with its user and advertiser friendly publishing policy and has helped the promotion of these businesses by organizing long-term advertising campaigns.

Yandex Map Registration is also known as one of the Yandex advertisement receiving features. Marking and promoting your business on the Yandex map, which is frequently used by drivers, will give you a great advantage in terms of your brand awareness. In addition to your company information, you can also send your contact information, address and working hours to users on Yandex map. In this way, you will both make your business more accessible and reach your potential customers on the map.

If you want to promote your company with Yandex collaboration, organize advertisement and marketing campaigns by using Yandex Direct, Yandex Video Search or Yandex Map Registration services, you can contact our agency to get more detailed information about Yandex advertisement models. You can have the most effective and efficient advertising campaigns thanks to the advertising campaigns that we will create for you.

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