E-Commerce Consulting

Competitor Analysis

E-Commerce Consultancy - It can be helpful to see what the market and other companies in the sector are doing, to examine the market share, to evaluate the opportunities and negative conditions before entering the sector.

ERP Integration

In today's conditions, every minute is of great importance. In the e-commerce process, seconds are crucial. Thanks to the integration of your ERP program and your e-commerce site, product information is updated with a single click.


Have a window to the world with e-export. In the new world, you do not need to travel country by country and spend your budget in vain to market your products or services. Start e-export immediately with a website designed by our expert software developers and digital marketing campaigns prepared by our digital marketing experts.

E-Commerce Process Management

Process management, logistics, social media, digital marketing, brand positioning, digital PR, campaign management, and after-sales support processes of e-commerce companies constitute the entire e-commerce lifecycle. Creating and managing all of these processes in the best way is the most significant factor that ensures success in e-commerce.

“Electronic commerce”, which is briefly referred to as e-commerce, is known as a transaction in digital media where the buyer and the seller do not see each other physically. E-commerce made through digital markets started shortly after the spread of the internet, then progressed rapidly and spread to almost every field. There are no products or services that we cannot buy or sell with e-commerce. Nowadays, people sell their products in a short time using even a few simple e-commerce programs. However, individual or corporate companies that want to make e-commerce a business and want to have a comprehensive e-commerce network should receive an e-commerce consultancy service when starting this business.

E-commerce consultancy services are services that take the right decisions when starting e-commerce, keep the company away from risks and dangers, carry out advertising and marketing services correctly, and provide strong and permanent communication with the target audience. The correct promotion of the company’s products and services is also among the duties of the consultancy.

E-commerce services know that the way to achieve success in your business is not to increase traffic to your site, but to increase the number of people who contact and shop with you and act accordingly. Therefore, when starting e-commerce, it is quite wrong to set out with the logic that mistakes will be corrected over time. Because e-commerce companies continue in the same way they enter the sector. For this reason, a fast, effective and permanent introduction should be made. Although e-commerce consultancy fees are sometimes excessive, it should not be forgotten that a business that can generate income for a long time will be established as a result of this consultancy service.

There are some factors that can make your company stand out in the e-commerce sector. The first of these is that your website and social media accounts are available 24/7. Customers do not prefer e-commerce sites where they have trouble in transportation. Apart from this, since the vast majority of internet users are mobile users, your site must be mobile compatible. In fact, preparing a special mobile application for your site will move you to a quite different position in the industry.

Taking daily, weekly and monthly reports of your site and developing strategies in line with these reports will be a factor that will increase your potential customers. At the same time, you can introduce your products correctly, offer payment options, cargo deals, discounts, and campaigns, and your basket reminder options are among the systems that will make your e-commerce site successful.

It is difficult for you to integrate all these systems and features into your e-commerce site alone and ensure their continuity. For this reason, it is imperative that you get an e-commerce consultancy before entering the e-commerce sector. Because e-commerce consultancy services have established and managed many e-commerce sites before you, they will have more experience than you, they will be able to predict the risks and dangers you may encounter and take measures.

As an e-commerce consultancy agency, we will be happy to serve you on all these systems and features and to work with you to make your e-commerce site an important place in the sector. In order to reach your goals, our expert team works with great devotion, and with these e-commerce services, you can reach success in the fastest and most efficient way.

If you want to get a reliable and professional e-commerce consultancy service during the establishment of your e-commerce site, you can contact us and take advantage of the affordable prices we will issue for you. E-commerce consulting fees vary according to your products and services, but they are always appropriate. On the other hand, you should not ignore that you will have an e-commerce site where you will earn a regular income thanks to this consultancy.

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