What Is SEO?

“SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) is short for. Search engines are the technical criteria made to crawl websites more easily with SEO processes. (Search Engine Optimization) in Turkish means Search engine optimization.

All improvements made to search engines about a website can be defined as. Search engine optimization, in other words, the aim is to increase the value of the website and to go higher in the search engine and therefore to increase the number of visitors to the site.

Search engine optimization is the improvement and optimization studies for search engines. It is divided into two as inside and outside the site. It covers all of the transactions made in order to be promoted in search engines.

SEO Optimization

Get more website traffic, customers and visibility

Web Design

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Google Ads

Target your ideal keywords and find it at the top of Google

Content Marketing

Use your high-quality content to attract and attract your target customers

Social Media Ads

Create and manage the best performing social campaigns

Mobil App Development

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It provides you to achieve perfect results in a short time with its internal and external website optimization.

Full SEO Package Coverage


  • Control of websites for all Google filters to create strategies for next steps.
  • Selection of the most suitable commercial content keywords to attract the widest possible audience.
  • Website structure analysis and distribution of keywords. Selection of pages suitable for related word-combinations.
  • Gathering information about your opponents so you are fully prepared for their actions.
Link Works

  • Analysis of website internal links. Removal of bad and unnatural links. Selection of link placement areas.
  • Creation of appropriate internal links is necessary to reach the top rankings. Links are added to unique content related to your topic to increase the effectiveness of your ranking promotion service.
Internal Optimization

The main purpose of the following internal optimization steps is to meet the ranking criteria required by the Google search engine, to show the advantages of emerging websites over their competitors, and to avoid obstacles to progress.

  • Creating meta tags suitable for the promoted keyword list.
  • Development of website HTML codes, placing necessary tags and making arrangements in accordance with the standards of the current search engine. Adding alt tags and closing external links that don't allow editing to prevent pages from getting heavy.
  • Error 404 and removing broken links.
  • Changing linked website links to add maximum number of in-site links to promoted pages.
  • Editing robots.txt and .htaccess files to display the website correctly on search engines.
  • Creating a Sitemap file for fully indexing website pages.
  • Placing social media buttons on the website to develop social media signs.
Professional Support

  • Customer support. Your personal service manager monitors the progress of your SEO service daily and notifies you of any changes.
  • Reporting Center With regular and detailed analysis reports, you will be constantly informed about the status of the service you receive.

What Do We Offer in SEO Service?

  • After registration, our website analysis tool will provide a short report on whether your website is compliant with website construction and SEO industry standards.
  • Then, your personal service manager and senior SEO specialist work together to conduct extensive semantic analysis of your website's structure and semantic content.
  • Our experts create a list of fixable bugs, while our SEO engineer selects the most appropriate keywords to increase sales and visitor traffic for your website.
  • Then your website is subjected to a full internal optimization, including steps in the SEO service.
  • This service allows natural links to be placed on web resources related to the content of your website. The embedded links are combined with unique content - this allows us to achieve the best results. Adburbs Digital Agency has more than 50,000 high-quality partner websites operating on a variety of topics. The sites are carefully selected based on the domain name and Google Trust Rank data. Link building is carried out gradually according to the following rates. Link building is carried out gradually according to the following rates: .
    • % Anchor (Anchor) Links
    • Links Out of Anchor (Anchor)
    • % Brand Name Links
    • Your personal service manager constantly checks your progress and is always ready to provide consulting and answer your questions. You can contact our team at any time.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and stands for search engine optimization. Websites that have undergone SEO are crawled more easily in search engines and internet users visit these pages more. SEO service allows websites to rank higher in Google searches and gain more visitors.

Many search engines, especially Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing, have the same working principle. They browse the searches made by internet users in seconds and list the pages that best match the search results. SEO services are taken in order to find web pages more easily as a result of this scan and to be presented to internet users faster. Web pages that are optimized with the selected keywords are thus easier to find and visit.

In a way, SEO is the improvement work for websites. Because the existence of a website without visitors is meaningless. Websites are set up to be visited and therefore their success is directly proportional to the number of visitors they receive. For example, a company that receives corporate SEO services will attract more visitors and consequently customers than its competitors’ websites in the industry. This will increase the recognition of the company.

The flaws of websites that are subjected to SEO analysis are almost the same. It can be seen that the articles on the websites that attract fewer visitors than expected are articles without SEO service. Choosing keywords more or less than they should be is an SEO error, and choosing the wrong keywords is an SEO error.

SEO studies are divided into two where they are made. The first one is SEO work on the site and the second one is off-site SEO work. In-site SEO studies are SEO services provided in articles such as promotion, advertisement and blog on the website and are based on the principle of professional selection and use of keywords. On the other hand, offsite SEO studies are the methods that enable the site to reach the popularity that it cannot reach normally by using SEO methods and increase the Google ranking of the site.

An important branch of internet advertising and next generation marketing, SEO service is provided by trained, experienced and professional SEO experts, content editors and assistants. Many people who claim to provide SEO services do not yield efficiently from the work they do not provide this service correctly and SEO work fails. For this reason, you need to be sure of the professionalism of the company where you will receive SEO services.

SEO work should be natural above all. Keyword studies to attract visitors should not be placed in the texts to be prepared and should not be found in the text in an unrelated way. On the other hand, search engines use special algorithms that recognize these artificial articles and do not include them in the browsing lists. So, an incorrect SEO work you have done to go up in Google rankings can even cause you to fall back on Google.

The right SEO work to be done by a professional team will give you the most beneficial effect in the shortest time. The most accurate SEO service is the work that gives users the impression that this website is very useful for them, qualified to answer their questions and prepared with care. Internet users with this impression will now apply to your website on the same or similar topics without any SEO services and will look for the answer in your articles.

If you want to have the most professional, solution-oriented and cheapest SEO service, you can contact us.

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