What Is Instagram Ads Advertising?

Instagram Ads • With a community of more than 300 million, Instagram has become one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world. With this development, businesses can share their news in a creative, high-quality environment with a target audience with a high interaction rate. By adding this new and powerful platform to Google Ads and Facebook Ads efforts, we offer our customers the opportunity to advertise for a wider and more accurate audience.

Instagram, which provides a very similar working opportunity with Facebook Ads, trusts that it will be beneficial to advertisers in terms of marketing, increasing brand awareness, and a high return rate. According to the interests of Instagram users, advertisers can convey their messages more effectively and reach their audiences more easily. Besides that, advertisers can share their media in one of the new formats.

Instagram Reklamları

Instagram Ads Ad Types

Post Ads

Tell your ad with a simple, modest, and eye-catching image. Post ads are the most common and well-known ad type used in Instragram Ads.It is suitable for every sector and service.

Video Ads

You can use the immersive visual quality of photo ads with the power of image, sound, and motion. Moreover, you can now share videos up to 60 seconds in landscape or square format.

Carousel Ads

It is the general definition of the ad where users can swipe to see more photos or videos in a single ad. Also, e-commerce product images can be used.

Story Ads

Complete your content with ads on Instagram Stories. Over 150 million users worldwide communicate with each other using the stories app every day.

In this period, where we find ourselves in a more advanced technology every new day, significant developments are taking place in advertising and marketing. Due to the increasing internet usage and the massive number of mobile users, advertising and marketing strategies also tend to shift towards mobile spaces and social media platforms.

One of these social media platforms has been Instagram. Instagram has become one of the most crucial channels for advertising, and Instagram advertising models have become one of the most researched topics. Instagram, which has a very intense user both in the world and in our country, has made good use of this feature, and after merging with Facebook, it has become a frequent feature of advertising campaigns.

Users who follow the shares of both celebrities and Instagram phenomena have become potential customers of all businesses, regardless of whether they are big or small. The best Instagram ads have begun to be created for businesses that want to announce their products and services to more people. Thanks to these advertisements, many businesses started to be recognized and preferred by people in a short time and they became a leader in their sector. Advertising agreements made with Instagram ads and phenomena now appear as an Instagram reality that everyone knows and follows. Instagram ads have become a new profession for many people.

Studies show that Instagram ads increase brand awareness up to 75%. Participants in the research state that they have met many new products and services through Instagram ads, and even they use Instagram advertising services for their products and services by being affected by these ads.

For these reasons, Instagram, whose majority of its users are on mobile connections, is the new advertising gate for businesses that want to increase brand awareness. Instagram ad prices are almost at the same level as Facebook, although they vary according to the size and target audience of the campaign. Many people who research Instagram advertising fees learn that these paid fees are too much for the advertisers, so the cost of Instagram advertising covers itself.

However, Instagram advertising services are not a service that users can buy alone. Working with an Instagram advertising agency will both ease the workload of advertisers and ensure the highest efficiency that can be obtained from Instagram ads. The Instagram advertising team, which is an expert in its field, will customize the most suitable target audience for the promotion project of the product or service based on many criteria such as location, age, behavior, gender, and interests, thus ensuring that the product or service reaches its potential customer as soon as possible. In this way, the cost of Instagram advertising will be reduced significantly and a more efficient advertising campaign will be carried out.

Although it is the last social media platform established, it is essential to get professional support to run an effective advertising campaign on Instagram, which is popular among users in a very short time and is rising. Determining the right target audience among millions of users in a short time and carrying out a serious advertising and promotion strategy is a phenomenon that can be achieved by an expert team.

If you want to advertise on Instagram, increase your brand awareness by announcing your company, product, or service to more people, reach your potential customers in a shorter time, and increase your sales efficiently, you can contact our agency. By getting an Instagram advertising agency service, you can both lighten your workload and get the opportunity to benefit from many advantages that Instagram advertising services will offer you.

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